The Harmonix Show

May 21st, 2014 -


Hey boys and girls, I know you’ve at least heard about Amplitude being kickstarted within these past couple weeks, because if you haven’t, you clearly don’t follow us or follow video games on Twitter. In any case, today Harmonix will be doing a telethon to raise money while streaming (most definitely OG Amplitude, but maybe other stuff). If you love music, and you enjoy games, do everyone a favor and donate to this wonderful series. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Ryan has a c-note on the line here – if he had more to give, I know he would. I know he’d just fund the entire thing if he could, because this game has been a dream of his for the past decade. Help make dreams come true. Donate today, and enjoy the wonderful show – the Harmonix team is hilarious.

Telethon Stream

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