MultiTap Episode 5 (EXPLICIT)

May 12th, 2014 -


So, here’s the thing guys. Unfortunately, Aaron was gone, so we replaced him. Don’t worry, it was temporary! But please give a warm welcome to Mike Gillogley for one episode only!! Also, apologies for the muffley sound quality: We recorded in my garage, which is essentially a glorified barn. Those acoustics were… interesting. Have fun listening while we end up:

  • Bringin’ back good game commercials!
  • Breakin’ down Castlevania… Bit By Bit!!
  • Brewing some Astyanax on Tap!!! (Does anyone remember this one??)
  • Talkin’ bout unpopular personal favorites. I like mine…

Recording this show is our favorite thing… ever… and we are fueled by your indispensable feedback! If you like how the show turns out, please contact us at We will likely use the mail to shape the next episode!

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Have a great week!

The MultiTap Crew

Justin, Chris, Irene, and Aaron

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