Kings of the Mercenaries Taking Your Consoles

June 3rd, 2013 -

Remember when we told you about Mercenary Kings? They had a kickstarter, it looked amazing, and we told you to donate money. You know, the game that resembled Metal Slug. In any case, with E3 coming up in only a week, I got to thinking about what games I’m most excited about. And wouldn’t you know, Merc Kings popped into my head. So I sent my old pal Jonathan an email to see how things were going. The response was quite positive:

“We’re hoping for a release on Steam Early Access around the end of June, then for a full release a couple months later. We already got some feedback from our closed beta (which has been really helpful to find bugs and other issues) and it’s been very positive so far… Merc Kings is gonna be for PS4. We’re also considering Vita, but it’s gonna be for later… we’re licensed developers with Nintendo [as well].”

So, the game will be on PS4, and the Nintendo’s Wii U/3DS in addition to the Steam release. That being the case, you can probably look forward to Sony showing it off in a montage of sorts at this year’s E3 keynote if they incorporate indie titles into the presentation. For more information concerning Mercenary Kings and other gaming newsmake sure to follow us as we  cover E3 next week in our podcast extravaganza (we may also do smaller posts).

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