FFoP’s Experiment in Terror

October 27th, 2012 -

The arms have been collected, the brains were scooped up, and the votes have been tallied. From an initial list of over twenty-five games, we’ve boiled it down to the five games you should be playing to get in the spirit of Halloween. The criteria, while flexible, was based on the premise of Halloween – dressing up, collecting stuff, and being scary. So without further ado, here’s the Fist Full of Potions Halloween list of games you should be playing.


Slender is a very popular games as of late, and a free one at that. If you’ve never seen or played it, check it out. Play at night with the sound up. Your goal is to collect eight pieces of paper. Good luck.

FO (360/PC/PS3)

Bioshock is a game that pretty much everyone should play at some point. To call it a first person shooter does it an injustice, as it is heavy in story that is told masterfully as you play, opposed to other FPS games that take away control as scripted events happen, maybe giving you a QTE if you’re (un)lucky. Its characters are some of the most recognizable, and the customization and plot elements have influenced games since its initial release. To top it off, it’s a bit creepy at times.

TREE-FIDDY (Ranging from the FDS to current gen)

The Castlevania series was essentially made for this holiday, as it deals with slaying Dracula in every single one. You usually travel through his castle or Romania (though places like Pisa, Athens, Versailles, and others exist in the universe) and fight various creatures of the night and beasts from Hell. You acquire different abilities, magic, and items as you progress. If you’ve never played Castlevania, I suggest you stay away from the 3D ones, as none of them have met the polish the 2D ones have received over the years.


Little Big Planet is… well… what’s this doing here again? Oh right, you collect things, you dress up, and you can play themed levels (some of which are Halloween themed, and/or scary). So… basically what Halloween is about, right?


Costume Quest. “Like the kid in the $600 banana costume is going to follow the kid in the $20 costume… C’MON!” ‘Nuff said.

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