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May 4th, 2011 -

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I don’t have any. Though that’s not to say the blog doesn’t. Ryan and Chris have some very exciting news that will be involving all of you, if you choose to participate. But that’s their news to tell, not mine. So what am I doing that is related to video games? Well… I’m giving a speech on them, actually.

Sure, a speech isn’t the most exciting thing. Especially when you are terrible at giving speeches, but nonetheless, I’ll be speaking out on behalf of video games and why they are not evil, as many parts of the media paint them out to be.

What exactly will I be talking about? Hmm… good question. I’m not sure myself, to be honest. I plan on using personal examples of my life, I suppose I could debunk stereotypical ideas of people that play games, and maybe list some advantages of games on people’s lives. And since this is for a communications class, relate how the communication works with people. What are games trying to tell us, and how do they help versus harm our ability to communicate with others. Something along those lines.

So aside from that, what’s going on in the video game world? Well… Sony is still dying. Catherine had it’s deluxe box and preorder bonus announced, I’m not going to E3 (not that I attempted to attend)… Portal 2 was fun – I beat both the single and multiplayer a week or so ago. Brink comes out next week, hopefully it’ll be good. If it is, I’ll be getting it for my birthday which is… Less than three weeks away now. So in the event that I get that, there will be another game you can play with a member of FFoP.

LA Noire

Rockstar’s L.A. Noire comes out on the 17th of May, a game that has been in development for seven years (unfortunately it is no longer how it once was… which was black and white), and looks to be promising in a more interactive style of gameplay. A definite contender for GotY, though it’ll have some competition with Uncharted 3, Skyrim, Portal 2, Mass Effect 3, etc… Child of Eden comes out in only a month, which is the new game from the creators of REZ. If you’ve never played REZ… well… go play it. Simple as that.


And things.

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