(R) Wii Sports Resort (Wii)

August 15th, 2009 -

Hey guys! Well after a slight hiatus to gather our collective staff thoughts, we’re back and pretty much the same as when we left. A bit more organized than usual though. Anyway, my first post back and I’m bringing what was promised, the Wii Sports Resort review.


If you bought a Nintendo Wii console, you more than likely own a copy of Wii Sports. The original game boasted five different sports to show off how this “new innovation” in gaming worked. Three years later comes Wii Sports Resort, a new game to show off a new innovation for the innovative console. You still with me? Resort is basically a follow up to it’s predecessor, bringing you 12 new sports to play (technically ten, seeing as how bowling and golf are from the original). If you thought flailing about was fun in the original game, wait until you use the precision flailer. By this of course I’m referring to the Wii Motion Plus. The Motion Plus attachment adds a new level of control to the game offering better motion control and one to one tracking (more on that later in the review). Let’s go ahead and jump into the pro’s.

The amount of content Resort has to offer is a very big plus. 12 different sports make up the game, a fine step up from the five in the original. That’s 12, not counting the additional modes each sport has to offer. Speed Slice (a sub-game of Swordplay) and 100 Pin Bowling (a training game from the original, now included in Resort) are two quick examples of the extra sub-categories in the game. It’s also really good to see Bowling and Golf make their return to Resort, now with added Motion Plus control. Golf in particular is more intuitive and fun to play with wrist position taken into account. Another sport that stands out is Archery. Being able to pull back on the nunchuck as if drawing back on a bow adds a slight sense of realism. Air Sports and Jet Skiing (or Power Cruising, as its known by in the game) add a fun exploration dynamic to the game. Whether it’s flying in a bi plane or cruising over the waves on a jet ski, it’s really fun to explore as much of Wahu Island as you can. I found all of these games extremely fun and well worth the $30 value of the game.

The Motion Plus has a tendency to need recalibrating very often, something I found to be tedious and kind of sporadic. Also, the fact that you have to have a motion plus for all four controllers can become quite annoying and expensive. Cycling and canoing were games I thought to be kind of repetitive. Not to say they were bad, they just didn’t appeal to me. Basketball was another sport I didn’t find to be that great. It was said that once you found your rhythm, you would never miss a shot. That must have been in the E3 build. Every time I made a shot, I would repeat the movement I made for the previous one and I would say a good 80% of the time I missed again. Who knows, maybe I just suck at basketball. Another downside to the game is timed exploration. While in the air (or the sea) you have a set amount of time to explore the island. Pardon me Nintendo, but doesn’t that kind of take out the appeal of exploring?

Wii Motion Plus:
The Motion Plus is an accessory that should have been built into the Wii Remote since launch. We are almost three years into the console’s life cycle and only now does Nintendo bring out better motion control. Seeing how future games use the new peripheral will be interesting. Perhaps a third Wii Sports with fencing instead of swordplay will be introduced? The possibilities are practically endless with the right minds behind the peripheral.

Final Verdict:
As stated above, the game does have a lot to offer. Whether you like everything it does though, is entirely up to you. It’s a good game and like I said, worth it’s $30 value (30 for the game, 20 for the Motion Plus). I highly recommend it to those of you who played and liked the original. I would also recommend it to the casual/party going crowd. Resort is definitely a social game so I wouldn’t deem it worthy for those who are looking for more in their games (i.e. the hardcore crowd).


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