(R) Wii Sports: A Second Opinion (Wii)

August 16th, 2009 -

First off the Motion Plus; apparently Nintendo loves to have you collect things. Coins, Pokemon, controller add-ons… to put it into perspective, the Wii has the cheapest controller out of the systems, or does it? While the standard Wiimote is only $39, you’re going to need a Nunchuck if you want to play the majority of games in the Wii’s library, which is an additional $19. On top of that, if this player also wants to play the new Wii Sports s/he’s going to need a Motion Plus which is ANOTHER $19, so that’s $80 in 1 controller, yikes. I could trash talk about how the Wii should have always had the plus but screw it, it’s here, let’s embrace it.


Wii Sports Resort is the sequel to the best selling game on the system, ignoring the fact that it comes with the system. Undoubtedly if you have played a Wii you have played Wii sports and for most soccer moms that’s all you really play. This is more of the same which is great and not so great; new games and modes have been added but over all its the same.

The Motion Plus lends itself to some rather fun mini-games on this version of Sports; the Sword Fighting and Archery stand out the most as these showcase the extra motion ability. More importantly the Sword Fighting is pretty much 1 to 1 tracking. How you hold the Wiimote is how your sword is positioned on the screen, and that’s just plain cool. The fan favorite Bowling is back and now the 100 Pin Bowl from the lessons on the original is a game mode which was a very smart move and will probably be one of the more popular game modes. Something Nintendo fans have cried out about since the Wii Fit was having to unlock stuff. People play this because they want to relax and or have fun, not collect and unlock new items and modes. Thankfully Nintendo listened and all the events are open from the start; however, you will still have to unlock extra game modes for each mode like the 100 pin bowling. Aside from the game specific modes, any game type listed on the box is playable at the start.

After taking the time to render an entire island to host this event you would think that they would let you explore a little bit… and they kind of do with vehicles like the biplane which you can fly around in and the jet ski you can hit the waves in. However, all you Wave Race 64 fans need to hold on just a sec before hitting submit on your order right now because the jet ski free roam is timed, and by timed I mean 1-2 minutes. You can find hidden time icons, but having a timer really defeats the purpose of having a free roam ability. Some of the game modes fall short on the fun/catchy vibe that Wii games tend to have. Cycling for example is very repetitive, and others like Canoe Racing require an acquired taste.

Final Verdict:
While most of the casual owners of the Wii will find Wii Sports Resort just as fun as the original, core Nintendo fans will find that the game feels hollow. Why hollow you ask? Wii Sports Resort is to the Wii Motion Plus as the original Wii Sports was to the Wii… a tech demo to show off and sell hardware. It seems like a bias statement but from a non casual and non hardcore standpoint the game lacks depth that normal games offer. If you enjoyed the original Wii Sports and you play it regularly you will most likely enjoy this and I can definitely recommend it to you, but if you played the original for a while and lost touch with it, this will do the same eventually. This may be a good way to get the 2nd motion plus after Nintendo gets a stronger line up of software that supports this hardware.

Bottom line:
Did you really enjoy the original Wii Sports?
Yes: you should buy this game
No or not really: you should wait


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