(R) Sin and Punishment: Star Successor (Wii)

July 11th, 2010 -

This game… wow. Okay, so if you’ve never played Sin and Punishment, it’s like a combination of Ikaruga and Space Harrier with the precision aiming of Metroid Prime 3 (I’d link you, but you can’t really see how precise the aiming is on screen vs. the wii mote). Sound like a good combination to you? See what was good and bad about it.

You like your games hard, action packed, and having so much on your screen your Wii should be lagging? Well, I do. And boy does this game deliver. Stage 0 (the tutorial level) is very simplistic, as it should be. Teaching the basics shouldn’t be too difficult. You get to shoot, do charge shots (oh, that’s why I like it… very Mega Man-esque), melee attacks, evasion maneuvers (you roll across the screen while flying!!), deflect missles, etc… Being able to do stuff like that doesn’t always prove so easy on the Wii though. However, the controls for the game are all really tight, which is always a nice surprise. I’ve used a motion plus before (this game doesn’t require it), and this was on par with it. Top it off with the first big boss, and you’ve got one hell of an intro to this game. Then comes the first stage… Um… There’s a million things being fired at me right now… Oh, get used to it. It’s amazing. Now, here’s a question worth asking yourself: have you ever played a game and wished there were more bosses? It seems like every three minutes in this game you fight one; the first level alone had about five or six. This game is balls to the wall action from start to finish. It’s short (eight stages), but worth playing for the amazing boss battles alone – they only get better as you progress.

 It’s balls hard. Not a problem for me by any means; I loved the challenge. I chose to play it on punishing, after all. But I know a lot of people do have a problem with this. I’m sure it’s actually pretty manageable on the easiest setting, and it does give out checkpoints throughout the levels, so it isn’t like the first one. The story is… negligible. This isn’t the type of game you play for a story. Ehh… you won’t find any good dialog or voice acting either… although at times, it’s so bad it’s good – like a 1980’s dubbed anime. Also, as mentioned earlier… it’s short. Really short. For that reason, I can’t point you towards buying this game. Unless you like playing a game over and over in attempt of getting the highest score online.

Final Verdict:
While this game is definitely worth playing if you like the genre (railshooting meets Gradius/Harrier), I’d say you shouldn’t pay the full amount of fifty dollars for the game. And if you’re wondering about comparisson wise to the first, I think this one was easier.


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