(R) Shatter (PSN)

July 26th, 2009 -


This game caught my attention on the Playstation news video The Pulse. I didn’t know anything about it, saw the video, and deemed it a must buy. Turns out my impulsive thoughts were correct. I love this game more than Breakout and even *gasp* Arkanoid. Knowing what type of game it is now, let me go into a little detail. Aside from the basic concept, there are bosses. The hardest part in the game is not using a continue. And this does get difficult with a couple of the bosses. The difficulty on them vary, as well as how quick your reflexes are. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and just beat it quickly because you time it perfectly, as I did with the last boss today.

What did it do wrong mechanically? Nothing. This game is amazing. So addictive in gameplay that you don’t want to stop. It’s no wonder there is a trophy for beating the whole thing in one sitting… The bosses are all varied for the most part in how you fight them. The visuals in the game are stunningly beautiful. So much is going on, I could only imagine how this would be enjoyed by someone on drugs. The new aspects to the brick breaking game is the push and pull ability put in the game. You curve the ball and deflect/attract all the blocks in the game using these. It’s a magnificent addition to the gameplay. Your lives are the balls you have, so you can release all of them at the same time if you want, which gives you a bonus and causes massive damage, assuming you don’t lose them all… And the music in this game… some of the best electronica I’ve heard in a game in a long time.

Not many issues with the game, only a few which include the fact that it’s short; it spans 10 worlds, and 7 waves per world (the last one has 8). After the waves there is a boss. So the game goes by fast. Also, aside from the story there isn’t much to do other than boss rush and the bonus rounds… But those are the only downfalls.

Final Verdict:
This is a must buy for 7.99.

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