(R) Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (PS3)

December 20th, 2011 -

Another Lego game is upon us (or has been rather), which means another review from yours truly. I do apologize about the lateness of this review, but I’ve only just returned from my holiday in Tamriel. Hit the jump to see what I think about this game. I’m sure most of you know my verdict already though.

Holy Crap Look At All The Stuff To Collect!:
This game, like all other Lego games before it, features a crap ton of things to collect. It has 200 characters, 200 Gold Bricks, 60 Students In Peril, 24 House Crests, and 20 Red Bricks. It was enough to keep me busy for about 20 hours. Also finding things has been made easier with your ghost guide telling you if you are missing collectibles in a certain room.

Gameplay Remains Intact:
The core gameplay of Lego Harry Potter is the same as previous entries in Lego series. Which is a good thing for veterans and new comers to the game alike. It’s easy to pick up and play, which is one of the best things about the series. The game also adds in some new puzzle solving mechanics such as Wheasley Wizard boxes, Harry’s Parseltongue puzzle boxes, and Luna Lovegood’s Spectre Specs. Spell casting remains mainly the same as well, making combat and puzzle solving easy and fun.

One Of The Best Hub’s In The Series:
Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 had a very impressive hub. The world grew and changed around Harry as you progressed through the game. I’m glad to say that the hub in this game is even more impressive than the previous game. Hogwarts Castle is the same and has more added to it. They have even added Hogsmeade village, King’s Cross Station, parts of London, and forested area’s that the trio visit in the 7th and 8th films. All in all the hub and it’s evolution through the game are very fun to play through.

No Game Breaking Glitches:
This is most solid Lego game from Traveler’s Tales I’ve ever played. There were hardly any issues. With the exception of a couple of freezes and some slight screen tearing that have plagued the series since it’s start, there were no huge bugs to worry about. Which is amazing.

Have No Clue What’s Happening:
Just like the last game, I find it hard to believe that a casual player of these games can gather any of the plot. While the adaptation of the plots has slightly improved, I find it hard to think people won’t get lost if they haven’t read the books or watched the films.

Repeat Content:
Once again there was a lot of repeat content. Unlock 50 different versions of Harry Potter… Couldn’t I have gotten all the unique characters from the first game instead? Small issue with me, but it’s there. Sadly.

The Formula Is Getting Old:
While I love the Lego games series to death, it is getting a little old. I would love to see Tt games branch out the gameplay in the next few entries. With Lego Batman 2 adding in new super heroes and villians to the mix and Lego Lord of the Rings adapting such a rich universe, now is the perfect time to mix things up and try something new. I guess it’s a case of don’t fix what isn’t broken, but I still think they need to inject some new life into this series.

Final Thoughts:

Like I said above, this is the most solid Lego title I’ve played. It has all the series staples and adds some new things as well. Like the previous game I really only see fans of either the Lego games or Harry Potter buying this title. For that I have to give it a rent.


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