(R) inFAMOUS 2 (PS3)

June 11th, 2011 -

After owning the game for a total of four days, I platinumed it. Based on that fact alone, I can’t say you should buy the game unless you intend on playing it again in the future or you love the series, as I do. I knew for a fact it would be short, being that I platinumed the first pretty quickly as well. But regardless of if you buy or rent this, you pretty much need to play it if you like 3rd person shooting games. I’ll tell you why after the jump.

Had you completed the first game, upon starting up this one it asks if you want to continue the story from your good/bad save (if you finished it twice). If you choose to do this, you get a couple minor bonuses, such as a little experience, progress through the first level of the heroic/infamous gauge, and more electrical nodes. You start off about to leave Empire City for New Marais when the Beast appears and epic battles ensue, teaching you the basic controls. From there, you battle regular enemies with the new melee weapon (amp), and get to decide which path you are going to pursue in terms of the heroic/infamous side.

Graphically speaking, this game is leaps and bounds ahead of the first. Not PS2 to PS3 drastic, but it’s obvious Sucker Punch has improved on their knowledge of the PS3 capabilities. The controls are pretty responsive, parkour and overall platforming is very tight for the most part. There are a few glitches of death for no reason, and sometimes when you press right on the left analog stick, he’ll go left. But they’re not game breaking, by any means.

Missions on both sides for quick boosts to your morality gauge do get rather… repetitive, being that there are three different types for either side. Well, one is shared, actually. But you don’t have to do these, and they really last about a few seconds and don’t require any special skills. Just something to do while running around the city to the actual side quest missions or story missions. Also, blast shard collecting in this game is SO much easier. The reason it took me so long to platinum the first is it took me a whole day to find the last three shards. I got them all on the third day this time around I believe, as well as beat the Hero save. Only took a day to run through the Infamous side (due to Hard mode being a joke, as well as checkpoints being riddled throughout missions).

The story is great, and the moral specific missions are pretty enjoyable. The side missions were more fun on the infamous side, as it was with the first. Also, the story is pretty heart wrenching if you are connected with the characters at all. The powers in the game have been improved; you unlock new ones as you progress through the game, and then are able to purchase them with experience after performing different stunts. Oh, and the User Generated Content is enjoyable from time to time. You can make simple missions, or elaborate “story” missions. There are filters for what type of UGC you want to play, and they are scattered throughout the games map. A nice addition, though definitely not necessary.

Pretty much every complaint I heard about the first was fixed in the second (except for the fact that enemies don’t die… But it wouldn’t be much of a game if they died the moment you shot them with electricity. Silly complaint), and it really shines in comparison. If you enjoy 3D platforming and haven’t played any Sucker Punch games, I highly suggest you start looking into them. Oh, and the easter eggs in the game are worth quite a few laughs. As I stated, it was a definite buy for me, but for those that are strapped for money (I am too, I just had a gift card), you can beat it in less than a week, even if you take your time. Must play, though I’ll say RENT.

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