(R) Heavy Rain (PS3)

March 7th, 2010 -

(This review is Spoiler free)

Heavy Rain is not fun; it’s stressful. However, thats exactly why it’s so great. Some games invoke the feeling of stress by accident, based on the difficulty of a certain part of the game. Asking you to repeat something over and over in order to move on to the next section. Heavy Rain on the other hand will adapt to your failures, as well as cause stress based on real world stressful moments. Like trying to escape from from a near death experience, or in some cases, (based on your actions) the death of a character.

Very few games can fully deliver the sense of frustration that involves something like climbing up a muddy hill, while still keeping the moment interesting. Heavy rain delivers this in many situations. Everyone seems to focus on the action scenes in Heavy Rain (that play out similar to games like a God of War boss fight). However, it’s the slower parts of the game that really make it special. Heavy Rain is a game based around solid story and it’s marketed as an “Interactive Drama Movie”. Where the game really starts to shine is in the choices you make and how they affect the outcome of each scenario, ultimately affecting the entire game. With 18 different endings, and at least 4 completely different endings, this leaves you with tons of room for replay value, even as a single player game. Heavy Rain is like a good book or an “edge of your seat” movie; you’ll definitely want to set aside 8-9 hours to play this puppy from start to finish with out any interruptions, the first time through.

If you asked me in person, I’d have nothing but positive things to say about this game, but there are some major flaws here as well. The most obvious flaw with this game is the voice acting. Some characters are spot on, like the girl from the cover of the box. Others, like the 2 guys without guns on the cover, leave little to be desired. This could have a lot to do with the fact that most of the voice actors are European trying to do an American accent. And at some points in the game, it almost pulled me out of the experience. The game also suffers from some major Q/A snafu’s that cause characters to glitch through walls or crash the game altogether. Thankfully I personally did not experience any of these problems; however, I know a few people who have. A quick trip to Google will show that there are plenty of folks dealing with this.

Final Verdict: 
Even as technologically flawed as the game is, it still doesn’t completely take away from the epic experience you will have overall with this game. I fully recommend owning this game to take a break from the monotony of all the Modern Warfares, Battlefields, and Halos that are saturating the market as we speak. However, I also understand that even as an artistic appreciation kind of way, some people will only find joy in playing this once through, like a movie. So that decision is left to you. Either way, this game needs to be experienced at least once.


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