(R) Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PS3/360)

March 10th, 2010 -

Hey everyone! You might recognize me from some of the podcasts, but this is my first review/blog post. I picked up my Limited Edition copy of Battlefield Bad Company 2 (BFBC2) day one. Any new copy of BFBC2 sold in stores will be a limited edition copy for the regular price of 60$. The copy comes with six multiplayer unlocks (guns, specs, etc) as well as a VIP code to unlock 2 maps. PS3 copies will have the code in-box, but as for Xbox copies, I believe the clerk should hand you the vip code (note: only a guess). The code expires April 1st, so get it done!

To begin, the menu of the game is very user friendly and it is in a sweet little xmb format. The menu offers an in game store specifically for their bc2 content. Dice and EA plan on releasing more DLC later on in March, and with your VIP code you should be able to get that free as well. If you are a long time Battlefield fan, you will recognize similar features that will bring you back to the days of Battlefield 2. The controls are similar, but also different than the first game. If you played the first game you noticed that the controls were somewhat clunky and a little difficult to get used to initially. Now the controls have a user friendly feel and are easy to get a handle on. The graphics are stunning, and the flow of game play to cinematic elements are nice. One of the great things I liked was the fact that when I looked at my friend do something it was the same from his 1st person view as my view of him. What bothers me about some new games are actions on my screen look different than what someone else see. For example, in MW2 when I hold a pistol and tactical knife, other gamers only see a pistol. And then when I use the knife and jab straight out, others see me draw a knife. C’MON!!!!

Okay so now for the fun stuff!! The campaign was amazing. I must say I found it completely riveting. The story was interesting and hooked me in from the beginning. You play as Preston Marlowe and you continue hanging with Bad Company. Your goal is to eventually find this secret weapon that the Japanese had back in WWII. The game begins in WWII and you play the back-story of the entire game. Your travels take you from snowy Alps, to dense jungle, to close quarters buildings, and everything else you would want to see. The map variation is fantastic and it really adds to the experience. I just want to say that the other characters side conversations kind of made the campaign for me. I loved the unique and hilarious personalities of the characters. It made the game unique and original because the soldiers were real. They were not stereotypical bamfs who loved to curb stomp their enemies (even though they could). They seemed like regular guys who were enlisted in the army. Some of the statements are little jabs at MW2 (such as the comment about the pussies who use heartbeat sensors), and a large variety of comedy and quasi-racial slurs – AWESOME. The more important part though is the features throughout the game. Just like the first game, you can run about collecting guns. However, now you can switch to whatever gun you want whenever you find a supply crate that was dropped by the Blackhawk pilot who takes you around the war zone. The campaign was a definite win and it made the game worth it for me. However, the campaign offers probably around a 5-6hour experience. So it is relatively short based on some standards, but when compared to every other game in today’s world, it’s average for time spent. The good thing is that it has nice replay value.

The online gameplay on the other hand… is also amazing. I have to say the physics engine for this game is really changing my view on how a FPS should be. I love Call of Duty, but I did lose interest with MW2. In short, BFBC2 is definitely a game to not overlook. The online aspect has comedy as well. Most of the time when you kill an enemy you can hear a teammate near you scream something like “HELL YEAH!!!” “WAX THAT FOO!!!” and a large variety of friggen awesome stuff that definitely makes this game Mature because of the language. Killing an enemy is also much more fulfilling because the rag doll effect of seeing the body drop is crazy. The body has weight to it, especially when you’re blown up. Every building is destructible except the concrete steel enforced construction sites (but there are only like 2). Many people speculate that since the maps are so large it would be annoying to die and spend a minute or so running back to the battle (these people include Ryan…=P). Sure if you’re getting raped all day it gets old, but it’s not really a problem. It takes about 5 seconds to get back into action because often the bases are near each other or you have some sort of quad or jeep to ride as well as the ability to spawn directly on squad mates who are already in battle. This brings vehicles to mind; they are an amazing feature because a war zone is not complete without vehicles. This kind of seems unfair to have a tank vs. infantry, but everything is very well balanced; a tank can be pwned easily by c4, mounted rocket launchers, mines, rpgs, etc. that it is not a problem. One of the huge selling points for the campaign is the fact that there is no real deathmatch. Everything is objective based, but it isn’t like MAG. Think of it as a middle ground between CoD and MAG. CoD seems like you just run around and do laps on the map, get kills, level up, and repeat. MAG is the opposite; it is all based on completing the objective. BFBC2 is all about working things out with your squad, but more often than not you guys just tug of war kill each other while blowing up stations. Think of it as a capture the flag, but once the flag is blown up everyone moves on the map to a new location to either defend or attack the next “flag”. The online offers good and solid gameplay that will satisfy gamers who aren’t sheeple.

Unique character experience
Amazing physics
Flawless online (if you had glitch problems, remember the servers have been up for about one week. So calm it down)
Wonderful map variation
Tactical objective based
Cool medal/awards system
It isn’t MW2

Some minimal server issues (but still 1st week of online)
Short campaign
*for those of you who don’t like it cause it isn’t MW2 you belong in the CONS list

This game definitely falls under the BUY. However, for you skeptics, at least rent the game to see if you will love the online experience.

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