(R) Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3)

August 28th, 2009 -

Hey guys, it’s been a busy week. Sorry there haven’t been that many updates from me. To remedy that, here’s my review of Batman which I beat recently.

Batman: Arkham Asylum takes place over the course of what seems to be Batman’s worst night dawning cape and cowl. After capturing the Joker and returning him to Arkham, the Joker springs a trap that has been laid out for the Dark Knight. Being thrown into an island resembling hell, it’s your job to get all the loonies back to where they belong.

The game’s story, while only taking place over one night, is awesome. Trapping Batman on an island with about 7 (at least remaining) of his greatest foes gives you so much to work with. The story itself is really solid and is helped along with a lot of great voice work from Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. While the main story is only about six to eight hours, you’ll have a lot of fun collecting all the extras strewn about. Speaking of extras, there are ton’s. With 240 Riddler challenges to complete, 42 character bios to snatch, and 16 challenge rooms to dominate (more if you own the PS3 version or pre-ordered at GameStop), you’ll have loads to do even after you complete the main story. Did I mention the PS3 exclusive Joker maps? Combat in the game is fun most of the time, and surprisingly the stealth really wowed me. I’m not really big on sneaking in most games, but it was really fun trying different ways to take down various enemies.

While the pacing in the game’s story is great, I felt really constricted with exploration. It seemed like I only had one chance to grab whatever I could in some areas before I had to move on with the story. The game does open up to free roaming right before the last segment of the game though, just in case you missed anything. Challenge rooms didn’t really serve a purpose for me. Yeah, it’s great that I can have my crappy score posted on a leader board, but why can’t beating these things unlock that armored bat suit in the main game? While the amount of main villains in the game is awesome, I couldn’t help but feel like the game could have been expanded a bit, perhaps even improved upon with the addition of one or two more. The Riddler’s riddles, while clever, didn’t always have me racking my brain over the solutions (it’s always a plus when you can aggravate the player, didn’t happen here). The combat system and even exploration came off as slightly repetitive (not enough to take away from the game though, but I’ll still mention it).

Final Verdict:
All in all this is a really solid title. If your looking for a great story and good game play mechanics, I recommend Batman: Arkham Asylum very highly. It’s really surprising to see how much effort and care developers Rocksteady and Eidos put into making a great Batman game. The experience of playing it has been an amazing one.



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