INVERSUS Review: Battling the Upside Down

August 16th, 2016 -

For the first time since… I want to say ModNation Racers (yes, six years ago) we have a video review for your enjoyment. The game deals with negative space in a way that seems so obvious I’m surprised it hasn’t been implemented earlier in video games. For immediate gratification, click through. To actually learn a bit about the game, watch the video.



  • Tight Controls
  • Fun Mechanics
  • Soundtrack


  • Only Six Arcade Maps

INVERSUS was developed and published by Hypersect. The game launched on PC and PS4 August 16th, 2016 for $14.99. The game was provided to us for review on PS4. If you’d like to see more of INVERSUS, check out the official site.


Here at FFoP we use a rating method that you may be unfamiliar with, so allow us to clarify. When we review a game, we see what sort of BRA fits. Buy, Rent, or Acquire is the rating we give out – we’ve boiled it down for simplicity. A Buy is worth the full retail value; a Rent is something you may want to try before you buy, or grab at a discount; an Acquire is something you can play, but we’d suggest borrowing it from someone, grabbing it in a game bundle, or some other means. If you want further clarification, please feel free to get in touch.

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