We have a new iTunes link!

March 3rd, 2012 -

Hey everyone, I just wanted to clear so things up and let you know that the podcast should be going up soon after this post hits the Internets. We had some technical problems with our podcast host and so we used this opportunity to switch our accounts. Which is something we had planned on doing anyways. On top of that I had to edit episode 54 a second time because we are going to try a “non-explicit” podcast again. Have faith, we can do it!

Right then, on to the new iTunes link. If you have us subscribed on iTunes you need to subscribe to our new link! After the PSA comes through, that feed will no longer be active. You can find us on iTunes 2 ways. You can just type “Fist Full of Potions” into the search and subscribe to the link that doesn’t say “old feed” or, you can follow the link below.


Thanks for your patience while we figured out this snafu, as well as your continued support!

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