Steam Teams

June 19th, 2014 -


As you’re most likely aware by now, the Steam Summer Sale is underway. What you may be unaware of is the little game involved with it (I say this because most of my friends list has yet to be put on a team). So what’s the deal with these teams? Well, as with any game, your goal is to have the highest score within the time limit. You have 24 hours to get the highest score by making badges. You get the most for making the Summer badges (regular and foil, 10 and 100 points, respectively), but you also get points for miscellaneous badges, which net you Summer Sale cards to make the Summer badges… you get the idea. If your team wins and you contributed, thirty people are picked from the pool of contributors to receive three games off their wishlist, the rest get more cards, and then the game is reset. At the moment, Red is in dead last, my team (Pink) is in third, and Purple is holding a strong first. Join a team, make new friends, and win some free games! And hey, if you don’t care, send me any cards you have. I’ll be happy to take them (Steam name: Leonharfs). GO TEAM PINK!

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