Sneaky Impressions

October 27th, 2014 -

Just a few days ago we gave away a few keys for the upcoming title Sneaky Sneaky. In fact, I gave them away before I even had a chance to play the game. That has since been rectified, and I am now well versed in the ways of Sneaky Sneaky. That’s not to say I’m a professional at the game, as I certainly have to retry rooms now and then. But I can adequately tell you about the game without sounding like someone reading a teleprompter.


Sneaky Sneaky is comprised of multiple zones, each with several levels within (i.e. 1-3, 2-2). The levels are a series of rooms that have a grid laid out. As you progress in the game, you’ll acquire items that help you along with obstacles, but during the course of the first world, you’ll have your melee weapon in addition to a bow and arrow. As with any stealth game, your objective is to progress without being seen – attack an enemy from the shadows, and you’ll do significantly more damage. The bow is useful for getting in damage when you are far enough away that the enemy won’t be able to get to you. It’s also used for puzzles, such as lighting the unlit torches by turning your arrow into a fire arrow, or by opening a gate which requires all enemies to be killed (and you can’t get to them without a ranged weapon). While you can only hold three arrows at a time, they are easy enough to acquire. If you’re in the forest, merely chopping down a tree will yield an arrow. When you’re not in the forest, barrels will contain them, if you can find them. Typically though, you don’t use them as much when there aren’t trees around.

Another item you’ll come across near the beginning is bait, which at first will seem over powered in its uses. The best uses I came across with it involved hiding in a bush, luring an enemy over, and sneak attacking them, which would normally kill them instantly. If not, I had three turns to take care of the situation since I attacked first. If for some reason the enemy sees you first, brace yourself, as things are about to get real. While it’s not a huge deal at the beginning of the game when you are often faced with a single enemy, later on you’ll be ganged up on, and two guys at once is guaranteed death if you don’t use potions. The turn-based mechanic works well though, with each side having three turns. Well, the enemy CAN have more, assuming you break their line of sight and they find you again. So here’s how it works: if you are within an enemy’s line of sight (marked by the red boxes on the grid), the enemy has three turns to move toward you and attack. Likewise, you will be given three turns once their turn is over, but you can run and hide if you so desire. If the enemy doesn’t see you within the three turns, they will return to their normal patrol. From here you can choose to sneak by or go in for the kill – hopefully being unseen this time around.


Like any addictive game in this format, there is a score you’ll receive for how you play the levels. While it’s fun to boost this score by collecting the optional gems and killing enemies, it’s made all the better with the level/upgrade system. With each level gained, you can improve damage done with melee or ranged weapons, increase movement allowed in the turn-based fights, and raise your maximum HP. This allows for you to choose how you’ll go about the levels – do you want to focus on melee attacks, shooting from afar, or perhaps running away when in battle?

For such a simple concept, the game is quite deep, and really fun. As to be expected from the developers, I would say “I’m done after this level,” only to find myself playing way more than I intended. It’s very much setup for short spurts on a phone, but will take up hours of your time if you let it. It’s not out yet, and is still being updated quite often, but based on its current state, you’ll want to pick this guy up. If you can find him.

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