Pit People Preview – Sweet Gluttony of Gluten

September 10th, 2016 -

The Behemoth’s newest game Pit People is in closed beta now, and as you’d expect, it’s a hilarious romp that is much deeper than you’d first imagine. In terms of genre, it’s a hex based strategy game. In practice, it’s so much more than that.


The story follows Horatio, a lowly farmer that has everything taken away from him. As he goes on his quest of revenge, he comes across a wide variety of characters, branching from Spanish royalty to mythical unicorns, and even penguins that are tired of their home being overrun with lava. And being that this is Behemoth, you better believe there is toilet humor. Literally.

Of course, the range of characters doesn’t matter unless they actually have different abilities. Which, what do you know, they do! Some characters have shields which will help negate projectile damage, while some carry nets to bind a character and catch the last remaining enemy to join your ranks if you have a cage in stock. Different weapons are weak or strong against helmeted enemies. Magic characters have a blast radius that hurts friend and foe alike. The appearance and customization of the characters, as has become a common trait in their games, is ridiculous and deeply addictive.


Another part of the game that stands out aside from Stamper’s narration and jibberish language is the music. THE MUSIC! Sweet mother of audio sensory overload. When you’re in town you can’t help but dance along with the backdrop that is bouncing to the beat. Each battle comes with its own magical monstrosity of aural pleasure that has you wanting to just own the soundtrack and listen to it everywhere you go.

It’s really shaping up to be a wonderful experience that I can’t wait to play more of soon. Check out the website for Pit People if you want to see more.

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