The FFoP Show

Each week we get together on a Thursday to record a gaming news and opinions podcast. Our approach to reporting the news is to keep it thought provoking, but more importantly, keep it funny. Our podcast typically runs from 1 – 2 hours depending on the amount of news. We are also a clean podcast. Clean from profanity, innuendos are another story however. In other words, if Disney can get away with it, we can too. ;)


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Current Podcast Structure

  • Listener Mail:

Write in to FFoP, and have your questions, comments, or feedback read on the podcast.

  • Recent Releases:

We highlight the big ones (and sometimes the small ones), but never all of the ones.

  • Release News:

Games that have gotten a Release date, Delayed or Cancelled.

  • Announcements:

60% of the time, we report the News 100% of the time.

  • The Cauldron:

The Cauldron is our take on rumors!. Any news stories that can’t be proven, will end up brewin’ in The Cauldron.

  • This just in!:

Shut’up’nowai!? Is this even news? Why are people talking about this? Any topic that fits into those types of reactions fall into this category. Which is more of satire then actual news.

  • Main Topic:

The meat of the podcast. Each week we pick one news story or personal though to rip apart and debate.

Current Podcast Line Up:


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