MultiTap Theatre is a discussion podcast in the round about gaming then and now. Unlike the FFoP cast, MultiTap will focus on gaming debates, top 3′s, this vs. that, reminiscence and nostalgia, and other original topics. The show is also explicit, so send them young’uns to bed! Like, so explicit…

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Current Podcast Structure

What is structure really? I mean, isn’t chaos also structured in some way, shape, or form? With that said, there will be structure, but it will be an ever-changing beast, episode to episode.  So what can you expect from the MultiTap Podcast?

  • Tangents. Some of the best conversations are born from existing conversations, and we generate ours around gaming, and my favorite game was Final Fantasy VII for a long while, but I’ve been forced to reassess my entire history of gaming because of this show, and… What was I saying before? Oh yeah!
  • Top 3 or more count downs. Got a Top 3 list you’d like us to discuss? Mail it in to
  • VERSUS! Not just that awesome fighting game splash screen, but real debates about game versus game, character versus character: We’ll make anything fight!
  • And more! We are always looking for new ways to discuses the gaming industry of today and in days gone by, so contact us and tell us what you’d like to see!

Current Podcast Line Up:

  • Justin (Show Host and Moderator)
  • Chris (Show Host and Fakeness Control Advisor)
  • Aaron (Show Host and (sic) “Skelaton” Extraordinaire)
  • Irene (Show Host and resident Roslin Impersonator)


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