We Are Officially in the Podcast Business

October 3rd, 2009 -

Our “Betacast” or “Frankencast” is finally up to download. It’s the “least of the worst testcast’s” that we have been working on for the past month. It’s not the exact formula we are going to use going forward (i.e. song clips are just there for stitching, and no weekly updates), but it gives you an idea of our insight into gaming. Just like all betas, this does not necessarily represent the final product and is a work in progress. So, constructive criticism is encouraged, but keep in mind we are still working on it.

You can find the podcast in the right “side bar” with a topic overview and a link to download the podcast; however, if you’re too lazy to look over there, then click this…


Happy listening and please leave us some feedback!


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