TRG Heavy Rain Podcast

February 27th, 2010 -

In a special episode of The Retail Gamer Podcast we solely discuss Heavy Rain; no news, no new releases, just rain…
  • Our impressions of the demo, before the game came out
  • Our impressions of the full game after completing the story
  • Reflecting on the story, and how it was slightly different for each of us even though we all had the same intentions.

This is not Episode 5. Episode 5 is coming out on Monday. We will touch on Heavy Rain in that podcast; however, 5 is spoiler free – much like the text in this post, but unlike the podcast in this post :p.

*SPOILER WARNING* – Consider yourself warned. As expected, this podcast contains massive spoilers to the game’s plot. So, if you have not played it yet, I would recommend just skipping the special podcast and waiting for episode 5 until you have played the game. But when you do, you should come back and see what we did, that you didn’t.
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