The FFoP show and the Future!

September 18th, 2014 -


Fist Full of Potions is an ever changing Katamari ball of video game journalism and we’re about to shake off some bits, while picking up some sweet new do-dads! What exactly is changing? Well, we’re not quite sure yet. The details are taking longer to hammer out than previously expected. With that said, Here’s some insight into the little information that I have.

The FFoP Show, our wacky morning news radio style gaming podcast, will be put on a hiatus until further notice. Is this just temporary? Is this a permanent ending? What’s changing? Who’s changing? Those are all great questions and we’re still trying to work out confident answers for each of them. We absolutely love producing the FFoP show and we do not want to see it end (unless we start a new beginning?) However, fear not! For our awesome tangential trip down memory lane known as “Multi-Tap” will continue on its expected bi-weekly status, school schedule allowing. Stay tuned for more on exciting new things from FFoP and don’t forget to check out Multi-Tap every two weeks on our iTunes and now YouTube!


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