PSA: New Podcast Release Day

April 6th, 2013 -

Hello Fisters,

Ryan here with a quick PSA about our podcast. I’m sure that by now everyone has enjoyed our episode 100 extravaganza, and you’re probably wondering when you can get more of that sweet audible chocolate we call the Fist Full of Potions Podcast? Well, typically we record on Tuesday’s and release on Wednesday’s or Thursday’s, work schedule allowing (this is unfortunately not our real job… yet!…?).

Going forward, the new podcast record day will be Thursday’s, giving us a Friday or Saturday release. So, if you’re wondering whats up with the gap? We didn’t quit on the high note that was 100! We just used 100 as an opportunity to start our new recording schedule. Thanks for your continued support of the podcast and we’ll be bringing you more of that FFoP’y goodness April 12th or 13th. See you then! ;)

– FFoP Team

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