Post E3 Predictions Wrap Up

June 24th, 2010 -

So ends E3 2010 (well last week), and I’m here to see who was right about stuff. While I personally had a lot of predictions, as you heard on the predictions cast, not everyone did. Yet I still think it’s a cool thing to go back and see if we got anything right. So let’s begin, shall we…

All Travis wanted was Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3. He only got Killzone though. He did mention Killzone 3 co-op, but I didn’t hear word of that. While joking about Final Fantasy Versus XIII staying exclusive (for now…), Travis was ultimately right. The game did stay exclusive to the PS3. Well done Travis, well done.
While Ryan started off by saying that Gran Turismo would receive some coverage at the Sony press conference, ultimately they only showed a new trailer for the game. This trailer did have the release date at the end of it just as Ryan said they would finally reveal. Mark your calenders for November 2nd people; this shit is happening. He also predicted that Polyphony would announce a deeper customization mode and bring racing mods back to the game. They didn’t mention any of this in the trailer.
Jason started by mentioning a reveal for a new Shin Megami Tensei game. While no specific things were announced (that I saw), Atlus did announce three games from the SMT series heading to the 3DS. After that, he said info on Mega Man Online would come to light. Sadly, it did not. After these two predictions it kinda just became “this looks cool” and “ZOMG PUMPKIN BEACH”. Lastly he said Respawn Entertainment would tease something and as far as I know, they weren’t even at E3.
I put myself last on this post because I ended up predicting stuff like my life depended on it. I’m sorry it’s so long. Please don’t hate me.
I first predicted that the 3DS would be able to use Virtual Console games, which we heard nothing about, so I was wrong. Next up I said that Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance games would become available on the Virtual Console. I was wrong on that as well. Finally, for Nintendo I said that the 3DS would feature a new online interface, one that would be more like Sony and Microsoft. Again nothing was talked about for this prediction, so I was wrong again.

I only had one prediction for Microsoft this year and that was a new Xbox 360 model would be announced, and I was right. The new Xbox 360 was not only announced, but was said to be shipping out that very day. The new model features an internal 250GB hard drive as well as built in wireless.
While PS2 Classics with trophy support (my first prediction for Sony) didn’t get announced at E3, my money now is on TGS for that announcement. It will happen. Next up, I stated we would get details on a PSN subscription service, which in fact we did. PlayStation Plus will debut on the PSN later this month. Finally, I said the PSP2 would get an announcement; however, it did not.
Last, I’ll do a quick run through on games that I predicted:
Uncharted 3: No.
Uncharted PSP: No.
Final Fantasy VII Remake: No.
Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII on DS: No.
Tomb Raider IX: No.
Pok√©mon Black and White US release date: No, wasn’t even mentioned. Like I said.
Elder Scrolls V teased: No.
Kingdom Hearts III: Technically no, but they did announce Kingdom Hearts 3D.
Dragon Quest VI release date: No.
Final Fantasy Versus XIII going to the 360: Nope, still exclusive.
WoW: Cataclysm release date: Nope! GRRR!
New Paper Mario: YES! Paper Mario 3DS was announced.
All in all, we really didn’t get a whole lot right, but that’s what is so good about it. The things we didn’t get right get over shadowed by the things we did. Those couple of things make us happy to be gaming. Like myself with Paper Mario, Ryan with Gran Turismo, and Jason about Shin Megami Tensei. Oh, I forgot Travis in that list. Whatever, he would like Killzone no matter what. I hope you enjoyed this wrap up on our E3 predictions, and hope you will join us next year for E3 2011. It’s only a year away.

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