Podcast Episode 1

February 4th, 2010 -

Success! We have another podcast up. This time we talk about the current weeks new releases (current when we recorded it…) and whats been happening in the news, as well as a discussion on the ups and downs of the Tony Hawk Series.

First off, if you subscribed to us on iTunes, make sure you have the right link:

Click Here

  • If iTunes just brings you to the already downloaded file and or starts to download episode 1 in the same tab as your existing “Precast”, you are good to go! 
  • If it didn’t start the download for episode 1 just right click and select “Update Podcast”.
  • If when you click the link iTunes starts re-downloading the “Precast” or adds Episode 1 to a new podcast tab (so you have 2 theretailgamer tabs) you had the old link, which you can now delete and use the current one, which you are now downloading.
Or, if you would rather listen to it in your browser;
Click Here
  • If for whatever reason that didn’t work, click HERE 
  • and then click the “Listen Now” button on the “Episode 1″ post
Enjoy! And please leave feedback!

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