E3 2010 Wrap Up

June 19th, 2010 -

E3 is officially over, and for once in E3 history, I’m glad. The amount of work we put into cover this year’s E3 while still holding our day jobs and social lives was ridiculous. I would personally like to thank anyone who has been following the blog and or podcasts this week, and hopefully if we are still doing this next year, we can actually go to the event! Time will tell, but for now… Let’s recap this week of FFoP after the jump.

The Press Events:

Microsoft Wrap up

Rather than bringing a strong hardcore line up of software to E3, Microsoft banked on the hype behind Natal Kinect. Aside from a few interesting muliti-platform games being shown at the conference, their press conference felt very “safe”. Halo campaign details, Gears 3, and over half of the event was shovelware for the Kinect Natal. It’s a shame that Microsoft didn’t have more to talk about here other then a new korean knock off alienware Xbox S (slim). Besides that there wasn’t very much here for the hardcore fans. However, they could be holding their chips for Gamescon or the Tokyo Game Show (TGS).
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Nintendo Wrap up

Expecting to see nothing but Cammy and shovelware, Nintendo actually brought stuff the E3 going (and viewing) audience wanted to see. I haven’t seen Nintendo play to the heart strings of hardcore Nintendo fans like this in years. Showing a new Zelda, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Kid Icarus, Metroid… the list goes on. And if that wasn’t enough, well over half of what Nintendo announced for software is hitting retail Fall of 2010. The 3DS was announced… I’m sure it’s cool, but you can’t see the 3D through a camera lens through the internet, so we are unsure of how it actually looks. They later announced some awesome remakes for the 3DS, such as Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Star Fox 64, and other classics. All in all, it’s a good year to be a hardcore Nintendo Fan.
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Sony Wrap up

If there was an E3 award for showmanship or best surprises, I think Sony would have probably won it. During the 2 hour conference they went over 3D (eh) and Move supported games. Just like the internet suspected, Kevin Butler crashed the show. Not on a jet pack, but crashed it nonetheless with an epic speech. Just like nobody suspected, Gabe Newell of “PS3 Hate” fame showed up to not only announce Portal 2 on the PS3, but then proclaimed that it would be the best version on the consoles… everyone’s head just exploded in confusion and excitement. Aside from that, Gran Turismo finally got an official date for the first time in North America, Twisted Metal was announced by Sweet Tooth and a ice cream truck on stage, and a few exclusive box-in’s from EA are coming. Besides Gabe Newell, I would say that Sony delivered exactly what we all expected them to.

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In closing…

I thought E3 was really great this year. While Microsoft didn’t really bring anything to the table we haven’t seen before, I thought Nintendo and Sony brought great presentations this year. It’s great to see Nintendo going back to some of their earlier franchises for the Wii and 3DS; Sony too with Twisted Metal. As far as who “won” for me, Sony. Why? Two things: Kevin Butler and Gabe freakin’ Newell! WTF, last thing I expected.

To be honest, I whole heartily believe for the first time in a long time that software was the biggest winner this year. To be more specific, we as gamers – open minded, non-jaded gamers – are the true winners. Yes the Microsoft conference might have been boring and riddled with fail. Sony had it’s shining moments with games we didn’t expect, all topped with that cl
assy magic we are accustom to by now. And Nintendo blew our minds with what could be done when they really need to “work” for your monies.

But I still stand true to my opening statement that there was no company that won, just a bunch of grown ass kids with soon to be empty pockets somehow finding faith in these costly toys that have let what really matters fall to the waist side for far too long.

Also, really Microsoft?! Really?!

Half of Microsoft’s press conference (the part that impressed me at all) was multi-platform. When showing off games, it should be exclusive only (regardless of the fact that they are getting DLC timed exclusives). Otherwise, it was reminiscent of Sony’s… not that Sony’s was bad, it was just what I had more or less expected from past conferences. Halo and Gears of War.

Nintendo did what I predicted, although it still blew me away. They took advantage of the conference as they should have the past few years. They showed that they know that their games will sell to the casual crowd, and that E3 is a time for marketing to the people that love old IPs, not Wii Fit.

As stated above, Sony did what I expected, and did an awesome job with surprise announcements. While I think Sony ultimately won, in terms of surprise factor versus what people expected, I’ll say Sony and Nintendo tied.

I kind of expected all of this to happen. Microsoft is really only banking on the potential success of Kinect Natal. Nintendo hasn’t played to it’s cult following fans in a while, and Sony has been playing “catch up” to Microsoft, giving so much effort that they have outshined them in many areas. I guess the only thing that blew my socks off this year was Gabe Newell and Donkey Kong Country. Both of which I wasn’t expecting, and I am equally excited to see what happens with them in the future. Picking a press conferences winner is tough because you cant be bias and base it off one announcement. ( ZOMG sony wins because GT5 has a street date lolz derp!).

While Sony had the best surprises, they also had an hour more to fill then Nintendo. If the first hour was as incredible as the 2nd, I would say they took it. But if I had to pick one conference that was strong start to finish, it would be Nintendo. For finally understanding that the people attending (and tuning in) to E3 don’t give two shits about Cammy’s snow boarding accident. We want to see Zelda, Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Kid Icarus, Metroid… and that’s exactly what we saw.

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