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June 15th, 2010 -

 *credit to pierski for the box art*

For those of you that live under a rock or just don’t pay attention (like me), Super Mario Bros. Crossover is a new game that’s gaining popularity on the internets as of late. And by “gaining popularity,” I mean it’s fucking awesome!

So what’s this post for? Well, just to give you a run down on the game itself and some of it’s features.

The first version of the game was launched by Jay Pavlina on 4/27/2010, at which time the internet collectively creamed itself. So much so that in the first six hours of being online, Super Mario Bros. Crossover had received over 12,000 views/hits. 12,000?!? In six hours?!? That’s an insane amount for a Newgrounds flash game. Despite the fact that the game is Mario, that is an amazing accomplishment.

So I still haven’t told you exactly what the game is. You should know by the title, but this game is the original Super Mario Bros. (sans Luigi) with a twist. Characters from other game franchises make their debut in the Mario universe to smash blocks, stomp Goombas, and save the princess. Which characters are there, you wonder? Well, I put together this fancy chart to outline them all.

First off, you have Mario (duh), followed by Bill Rizer (of Contra fame), Mega Man (Jason’s favorite, lol), Simon Belmont (Team Edwards greatest fear), Samus (me likes her), and Link (Hyrule’s favorite elf dude). Bringing these characters together while still maintaining the levels and core gameplay of Mario is mind-numbingly awesome. My inner child screamed with joy when I slayed a goomba with the wooden sword. You know… ’cause it’s dangerous to go alone, but now you don’t have to!

The biggest issue when making a game like this is to capture the original game’s essence, yet add new gameplay elements with new characters. In this game, that’s not a problem. Each character has their own set of skills and power-ups. Link shoots lasers out of his sword, Samus can go into her Morph Ball and drop bombs, Mega Man has the freakin’ mega buster, Bill Rizer just plain rocks the shit, and Simon can tear it up with axe chucking amazingness. This adds a great aspect to the gameplay that makes it feel fresh, and dare I say it… new. It really feels like a brand new game; not an old one with new stuff stapled on. Pavlina really out did himself in terms of quality.

Speaking of quality, the game has a very impressive soundtrack, featuring a wide array of music from all of the characters’ original games. Mega Man III theme… mmmmmmm.

Sit back and watch Jay Pavlina play the first few levels:

Version 1.0 is not the end of this project though. Pavlina is preparing to release a new version that will fix various bug issues and will adds loads of content into the game itself. First off though, the new character.

Yup, Ryu from Ninja Gaiden is joining the Crossover. When I saw the trailer for him (provided blow), I nearly shat myself. Now I have never played any of the Ninja Gaiden games, but seeing him jumping around and using his ninja skills to smash blocks/kill enemies, made me want to go back and play them. He looks so amazing.

See Ryu in action:

Now since I am lazy and all, I’m going to let the Version 1.1 video explain all the new changes. Chances are you’re at least slightly more intrigued about this game by now. While I’ve chosen to hold off playing the bulk of this game, it is because I want to play it with a controller, not with the mouse and keyboard. I will definitely be throwing up a review in the coming weeks here on the site. Look forward to that.

Version 1.1 Trailer:

Hope you guys enjoyed this little “introduction” of sorts.

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