Kholat Review: Dead in the Snow

June 8th, 2017 -

It takes a special game to teach the player valuable life skills. I actually had to Google how to use a compass to play this game, not because I really wanted to know or anything, but because Kholat literally gives the player no direction whatsoever. You begin your journey exploring the Kholat mountain region of Russia, searching for answers to what happened to a group of students that went missing in 1959. Based on true events, the students were found with strange injuries and to this day, the causes of death are a mystery. Creepy, eh? Read More »

The Walking Dead – A New Frontier Review: New Beginnings

June 5th, 2017 -

Do you have an escape plan in place for the impending zombie apocalypse? If you don’t, you really should; even the CDC does, which can be found here if you don’t believe me. I personally have 1,326 of them, and 1,325 begin with tripping my mother-in-law. If you need help starting yours, or want to see how your partner, friends or family stack up, Telltale‚Äôs The Walking Dead series is a great place to start. Read More »

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Playthrough

June 2nd, 2017 -

With the recent release of episode 5 in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, we decided to stream the full season before doing a comprehensive review. We’ll be updating this post with each episode as we finish it. You can also watch it live as Chad streams it here.

Ep. 1

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Oh… Sir!! The Insult Simulator Review: Your Mom Goes To College

June 2nd, 2017 -

When it comes to simulators, it seems games are either very serious, or completely ridiculous. After Goat Simulator came out, there was a fair amount of titles trying to cash in on the craze of the sim genre. It’s not often that a simulator goes for something as equally proper and silly as this though. Read More »

Games with Gold June 1st, 2017

June 1st, 2017 -

It’s June 1st, which means a new batch of Games with Gold games are available to Xbox Live Gold members. Are they worth your precious time and hard drive space at the everyday amazing price of FREE? Let’s take a look. Read More »