Robots Hunt Humans in Sir, You Are Being Hunted

November 3rd, 2012 -


The Most Dangerous Game tells the tale of a hunter (General Zaroff) who is tired of big game hunting and decides to hunt what is deemed as the most dangerous game out there: humans.  In Sir, You Are Being Hunted, some aristocratic robots seem to think the same as Zaroff and have taken up hunting humans. “Death to humans!”

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a single-player, procedurally generated survival game where you must survive and escape from your robotic “friends.”  To escape though, you’ll need to find parts to build a device that will get you off the cursed archipelago; obviously, that won’t be easy with the whole “being hunted” thing.  Luckily enough for you, there will be multiple ways to handle these robot gents.  For example, you can sneak right past them, kill them with a gun, lure them away with an explosion, or maybe bribe them with tea – that last one I made up.

Big Robot (the guys behind the game) needs help finishing their game, and what better place to look than Kickstarter?  They’re hoping to raise £40,000, which roughly converts to $64,392 for us on the other side of the pond, and for only £10 (about $16.10) you get a copy of the game.  If you dish out £30 (~$48.29) you’ll get into the game early and will get the deluxe digital version of the game. £45 (~$72.44) and your name will appear on gravestones and monuments in the game, and if appearing on gravestones isn’t enough for you, you can pay £1,000 (~$1609.80) to have your name inserted into the lore of the game.

The game is planned to be single-player, but Big Robot has suggested that with enough extra funds from Kickstarter, they might make a stretch goal to include co-op and/or competitive multiplayer.  Who wouldn’t want to have help defeating the robots, or have someone to use as bait?

For the full list of pledge tiers and info on the game, head on over to their Kickstarter and give them your help.

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