MultiTap Podcast Beta

February 25th, 2014 -

  • MultiTap beta podcast episode (EXPLICIT)

Hello everyone, and welcome to the newest member of the ever-changing, ever-growing FFoP family. MultiTap Theatre is a round table disscusison podcast about gaming then and now. Unlike the FFoP podcast, MultiTap will focus on gaming debates, top 3’s, this vs. that, and other original topics. The show is also explicit, so send them young’uns to bed! This is the beta episode where the team finds their sea legs and gets familiar with the microphone, so it’s more like a behind-the-scenes look than a logical progression; However, a numbered,  structured episode one is in the making as we speak, so, until then, enjoy the thought-provoking tangents from FFoP’s own Piper, and introducing: *drum roll* PTSHHhh! Chris, Aaron, and Irene.

Until we meet again.

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