Who Needs a Job?!

June 7th, 2010 -

So let’s imagine you’ve worked in a retail setting for the past four years, and then all of a sudden… you’re unemployed. What do you do? Well, I imagine look something like the picture above… because you stopped doing everything else and started playing all the games you haven’t gotten to over the past four years. Yeah, welcome to my life of the past week. Consider this more or less… A DIARY OF AN UNEMPLOYED PERSON!!! Or don’t. Makes no difference to me.

Well, I thought being on a vacation would be awesome. Play games, hangout with friends, not have any responsibilities other than housework and whatnot… And yeah, the games part is definitley a plus. But have you ever just sat in your room for days and waited for something to happen… but it never did? Yeah, I did. Nothing happened. Other than I beat a couple games.

Blasphemy to most, I know. But I finally got around to playing Modern Warfare 2. Honestly speaking, I preferred the first. This one got a bit too… ehhh, they overused a lot of what made the first one original and exciting. It did have tight controls, which is always a plus. And Captain Price is always amazing… but that’s about it. The rest I could’ve done without. And… that’s the game.

Having finished that game in just a few hours, I was left wanting more. So, I looked through my stack of games and pulled out this gem… kind of a semi-precious, flawed gem… maybe Topaz. Not even cut well, really. Anyway, FEAR 2 was my next game. Going from a game that has such precise aiming and so few shots to kill an enemy versus… well, most other first person shooters… is frustrating at first. But I got used to it. I even enjoyed myself since the game doesn’t rely on the playing a normal shooter aspect…

Okay, yes… a lot of people hated this game. And the third looks even worse… But really, I enjoyed it. Having the screen get blurred, seeing it get a red tint, and being grabbed by a naked teenager who is the mother of the apocalypse somehow managed to pique my interest. The ending sucked pretty bad though… And alas, I waited some more. Friends said they wanted to hangout, or play games with me, yet they never did.

Well, I went job searching eventually. As in, I finally left the computer world of online apps, and walked into a store. Having not slept in a while, I imagine I didn’t look too pleasant…

Luckily the one place I actually went into gave me a job before I even filled out an application. Completing the app was more of a formallity. Fine by me, I hate looking for jobs. Technically I’m still looking though… this is more of an… inbetween job. So if you know of anything around the area I live in… let me know! :D

Especially if it’s this easy; and it is a cool job…

All pictures were drawn by me in MSpaint. Yes, they are supposed to be terrible.

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