Who Cares About Mr. Perfect?

January 19th, 2011 -

Well, well… what do we have here? A post from… Jason? Pfft, probably going to talk about something stupid like Mega Man, or anime, or some off-the-wall RPG no one cares about – let alone ME.

Or… Maybe I’ll talk about something worth your time; so stop sticking your pinky so high in the air as you drink that cup of tea and click below to read the beginning of a hands in the air, papers everywhere, “WTF… I thought this was a video game blog” column that I’m starting… RIGHT NOW! I promise to tantalize your eyes with some sort of imagery. Hell, you might even enjoy it.

Oh… You are actually reading this? Um… erm… Welcome. Let me find something for you to look at as I gather my thoughts… Quick Zephy, throw something up for the readers!


A picture, I need a distraction STAT!

“A … huh?”


Alright, my apologies for my meltdown. Now, let’s talk about Mega Man, anime, and off-the-wall RPGs you don’t care about. Or… huh? Oh right, okay. Let’s get down to serious business. No more jokes.

So, let’s see… *scrolls through topics* See, I have to pick one that you might care about, so about 95% of my ideas will never see the light of day, or rather… the light from your monitor. Well… Hmm, I suppose I’ll span an assortment of topics to keep those with low attention spans amused. Here we go.

First of all (yeah, yeah… Ryan did this too. Sue me. Well, don’t… I’m poor), a song for you to enjoy while reading. I apologize if you come to a video in this post and wish to watch it, yet this song hinders that. Feel free to then yell profanity at the computer and scroll back up and pause this, don’t watch the video until it ends, don’t watch the video at all, or never listen to this song because you happen to think it sounds babies screaming will being run over by your shopping cart. Whatever you like to do to enhance the experience of reading articles on the internet.

Well, you know, just because I mentioned them, I’m going to touch base on the three aforementioned topics briefly, and then move onto other things. First off – ROCK (MEGA) MAN! Did you know that he is on the PSN? And no, not the 9th or 10th games, but the 1st. Well, he is. Check under the Japan Imports section, as it is in there. In fact, I believe the first six games will be showing up in there. Be warned, this IS the Japanese version… so it’s a bit more amazing than usual. Oh, by the way… did I mention I got Mr. Perfect on Mega Man 10?

Now this image is from an anime you must watch if you haven’t (assuming you can stomach shock value… and lots of profanity). It’s titled Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, and is pretty much one of the funniest things I’ve seen in quite a while. It runs at thirteen episodes for the first season, and is awaiting a second season it so desperately deserves. Nay, needs. Without giving too much away, it follows two angels (Panty and Stocking) through their travels on Earth as they fight off ghosts that were brought about in humiliating fashions that come in the form of the city’s feces, knuckle children, and various other events. The animation, while it looks like the Power Puff Girls at first glance, is nothing short of amazing. And it shows in various episodes. Oh, and the best part is the … well, just watch and you’ll see it. I am referring to what happens whenever a ghost is killed though, in case you had to know.

As for the RPG… Hmmmmmm, what to choose… So many great RPGs coming out. We’ll go with one that has crazy anthropomorphic characters (not your typical kind, either… these ones possess the entities of… video game consoles!?!?), anime cut-scenes that might make you hide your tv from others, and retro characters such as Shinobi and Alex Kidd (amongst others). “No, Jason, stop being stupid. A game like that can’t exist.” Ohohoho, but if I were to ask you if it could, who would you guess would make it? Let me ask a question that will give you a better idea. What company makes quirky RPGs and would even fathom making something this awesome? Hmmmm? Well, if you still don’t know, it’s NIS. The game is called Hyperdimension Neptunia, and it will be out February of 2011 (still no firm date, but I believe that is for the import despite it being NIS America).

Now, for those of you that didn’t want to hear about those three – here’s where it get’s GOOD. Or maybe bad. Hmm… Could go either way, really. So, who has been excited about El Shaddai? No… no… Sade doesn’t have a new album out. I’m talking about this beautiful work of art. El Shaddai is a form of God’s name used in the Judaic texts, while also appearing in various other historical parts of the world. The reason I say that is because it plays a vital part to the game, as seen in the trailer below. So why do I care about this game? Look at it. Ooooh, it’s gorgeous. I know, I know, games aren’t about the graphics, it’s about the fun. I can’t say if it’s fun or not, but it is a hybrid game that combines what is seemingly Devil May Cry gameplay with 2D/3D platforming. And… look at the shiny art style. Mmmm…

A topic that is touched on very frequently by the internet is music. We could dedicate a whole podcast to it if we wanted (I was there for a rant about it… lasted about an hour or so before it tapered down), but let me just keep this short. I either love the music in a game no matter what, turn it down because it’s the same over and over (typically while grinding in an RPG), or it’s just kind of there. I can’t remember the last game I was really enamored with for music prior to Nier (that song I posted above is from the end of the game), and you know… I went into that game expecting to hate it. It seemed to be a “meh” game according to everyone I talked to about it. I think the music actually enhanced the experience for me.

The music in The Saboteur set the mood for the game; made me feel like I was actually in Paris. While it did get annoying
hearing Feeling Good half the time I was in the car, songs like L’homme Que J’adore made me forgive the game for repetition. Then there is the obvious cinematic experience brought to a game because of a song seen below. Of course, the person did it wrong, if you ask me… Plus, it was raining when I got to this part. Automatically a million times more beautiful because of it. Basically, I’m just saying that music is such a vital part to a game, yet so many people pass it off as something that isn’t necessary. While in some instances I suppose it isn’t, I think audio is more important than visual in most cases. But when the two harmonize perfectly? It’s magical.

Um… this one is NSFW. Just some pics for you that were bored of this post and wanted to see something kinda dirty… and that is a double entendre once you see what it is. ;) Again, this is a NSFW link.

Annnnnnnnnd… hmm… What have I been doing recently? Playing games, of course. Lots of games… My next one of these posts will probably be a long list of reviews in chewable, ADD fashion. Hopefully none of them leave a bad taste in your mouth, but if they do, there’s always something new to cleanse your palette right after. At the moment, I got swallowed back into the world of Resonance of Fate, and will more than likely be reviewing that on top of about… 5+ other games. Check back next Wednesday to see what I played, what I liked, and what I loved, and… well, anything else. Have a great week, and I’ll see you back here in 7 days.

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