Treat Your Ears to Pure Euphoria

September 21st, 2010 -

All sorts of awesome news today… including the new Bioshock Infinite trailer – if you see/saw it on Destructoid, ALBOTAS, or Kotaku, it’s probably because of me (Leonharfs or Jason). But I’m not here to report about news. I’m here to talk about a wonderful video game sounding music duo with their first “album” known as George and Jonathan: The Best Music.

Why are they awesome? Well, I guess a better way to answer that question is with another question… How do you feel about chiptune music – something along the lines of Sonic the Hedgehog mixed with… orgasms for your ears? If there is a resounding feeling of warmth in your heart at the thought of it, go to their site NOW!!! Seriously, you won’t be disappointed. I can listen to it for hours and never get tired of it. Now, if you were wondering why you never heard of them, or what credibility they have Mr./Ms./Mrs/Mz. “I don’t click on any random website another website tells me to click…” How about this: one of the guys is from Anamanaguchi. You know… that group that you didn’t know about until Scott Pilgrim the game came out, but we (James and myself) told you to like way before? Yeah. Seriously. Go check them out, now! You can listen to their music on the site, then download it FOR FREE if you like it. And honestly, if you don’t, you clearly don’t have a soul.

THEN, after you’re done with that, and you’re saying to yourself “Man, Jason was right, that was amazing. I really wish I knew more about them…” LOOK NO FURTHER! They have done two interviews that have been posted over the past couple days. Interview numbah 1 and interview numbah 2. Since all the cool kids are interviewing them, I was thinking of asking myself… so maybe we’ll have another interview in the future! Time will tell. Also, do yourself a favor and follow them on Twitter.

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