The Dream Machine – An Alternate Universe

July 28th, 2010 -

As you may or may not know, I thoroughly enjoy point and click games (I might even make one in Flash soon… who knows?), so when I saw this particular one finally got a beta release for the first level… I about creamed myself.

Another thing you may or may not know is I’m a huge art enthusiast. I buy games based solely on their art style at times, regardless of if I’ll actually play/enjoy the game. This game is done with clay and cardboard – yeah, that’s how it is developed. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve played a game done in clay (well… unless you count a couple weeks ago at James’ when we played an emulation of Clay Fighters), or a game other than this at least. The demo for this game came out in February of 2009, if I remember correctly.

A game with this much effort is really is hard to ignore and not appreciate. I mean, they have to go through the same grueling process as a team making a stop motion movie, such as Coraline, Nightmare Before Christmas, etc… yet make it interactive. The fact that people not only were motivated to want to do this, but actually go through with it… that blows me away.

If you happen to play the demo/beta (which can be found HERE), you’ll see the above image. Well, it’ll have water surrounding it, and look much more alive than this. That’s just the model they used to create the setting. I’ve done my fair share of importing different media into another program like Flash, or After Effects, and it’s… time consuming. If you want it to be fluid and professional looking, at least. I mean, if you’ve ever used Flash, you’ll begin to appreciate the amount of time this next image depicts.

To more or less put it in perspective… imagine having to redraw the same image over and over, but slightly different in each frame (like cartoons years ago). With tracing paper it isn’t too hard to do it in a timely manner. Also, there’s typically a person that did the key frames, and then the in-between frames would be done by a team of other people in order to get things done more quickly. Now that’s drawing. So what about a sculpture? Making something out of nothing is a feat in and of itself. Try making something with details like buttons on a shirt, wrinkles on clothing… and then bringing it to life. And then on top of that, making it do what someone tells it to do…WOW. You guys have my respect. And on top of that, making the environments to move them in…

I hope that I’m able to gain this sort of drive for my art/games in the future. The hand created environments/characters really add to the feeling of another universe, yet one you could exist in. I always end up giving up because my ideas get too grand, and I’m way too lazy… Anders Gustafsson, you are amazing and have my full support in all your current/future projects. Maybe we can do an interview at some point? :)

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