Slimpocalypse Now! Starring Jack Tretton…

August 18th, 2009 -


The PS3 has not only dropped it’s overall asking price by a huge margin (it’s now half the price that it was originally released at), it is now shipping new models A.K.A. PS3 Slims. As of now they are holding all the same functionality as current 80/160 GB model minus the ability to change the OS to Linux, or any other that you happened to favor. The standard Slim right now is being shipped with a 120GB HDD, and will possibly have a 250GB model as well.


That’s all well and good, but how is it going to affect Sony in the stores? Well, hopefully positively. And it’s difficult to imagine the price drop hurting it’s sales by any means. Being at the asking price of the original PS2 launch date, and only 50 dollars more than a Nintendo Wii, I’d gather it’ll bring in sales. Interest in the system sky rocketed on Amazon, with the Slim reaching the number 1 spot for video game sales on the day it was announced. I’m not certain how much of a loss Sony will be taking per system sold now, but hardware always loses companies’ money. It’s the software that needs to sell, and Sony has a ton coming out in the next few months that warrant people buying systems. Amazing exclusives (Final Fantasy XIII Versus, Final Fantasy XIV, God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5, Heavy Rain, The Last Guardian, Uncharted 2, and various others that a more involved crowd will look forward to…) + competitively priced systems = amazing sales and profits for Sony rising at an alarming rate.

Another thing that will help Sony is positive media. Just an hour ago I saw a news clip on TV concerning the PS3 price drop, and that will no doubt draw in those that are not on the Internet constantly scouring it for the newest video game news. So the four of us retail workers can look forward to helping more inept people with this powerhouse of a system. Black Friday sales will tell how much this price drop and the game catalog really matters when it comes to console wars. It’ll be interesting to compare the three systems on Black Friday sales over the past couple years. I’ll try to find results for all of them by the beginning of 2010, because I figure we may as well see the whole seasonal sales difference in years. Sony’s not pulling any stops now, they are in the console war to win it.


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