Satoshi Kon: A Legend Fades

August 25th, 2010 -

Yes, this is a gaming blog. Yes, we rarely cover anything but the video game industry… and yes, I don’t care about that right now. A beloved artist of mine died yesterday; someone who I have never fully understood, but always admired. He was someone that broke the traditional sense of anime, bringing a deep, mind bending element to all of his work. “Pray tell, Jason… he must have some relevance to video games if you’re writing about him on this blog. I read this EXCLUSIVELY for video game news, not your stupid drivel pertaining to art.” Well, okay then… Look at this.


Seriously now… is that not video game related enough? The end of the second and the third one especially… That is from his television series titled Paranoia Agent. The reason he made it (P.A.) is because he had so many ideas, but didn’t want to put them all into separate movies – yet they could all tie in together, so he made a 13 episode anime series. Now, this particular example was rather blatant in terms of video game relation, but a lot of his work can actually be seen as a nod to the entertainment we so often are drawn towards. He wasn’t just another anime creator, he stood out from the rest. Creations like Paprika, Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Memories… I can only hope if you didn’t know him before, you learn who he is now.  To be honest… I can’t even think that he’s actually dead – I like to think he just finally figured out how to leave his human body and transcended elsewhere. His newest movie, The Dream Machine, will apparently only be a dream. “I might be old-fashioned, or maybe it’s just that I still admire the old values.” Currently, the cause of his death is unknown (he died at 46), but as of now, it’s believed to be the cause of Cancer. I’d say all of his work is definitely worth owning, but if you are unsure… check it out on youtube. You can probably find all of it there. Rest in Peace Satoshi Kon… I love and miss you deeply. <3

Good read from the man himself… so sad.

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