Sam and Max: Case of the Money Clogged Toilet

March 29th, 2010 -

It’s not often that I have a “first time” in the field of video games, but I did come across one today.

The new Sam and Max episodic adventure series, subtitled the Devil’s Playhouse, has been up for pre-order online the past couple weeks. As you may have seen in my previous post, I used to play the original Sam and Max for the PC. I don’t expect this to be as good as that… I don’t really expect it to be that great at all, to be honest. I watched the trailer again today and thought… well, that might have some funny parts to it. So I went ahead and bought a 5 episode series that I have no idea how it will fair, aside from the reputation of the company delivering the series.

So what’s such a big deal about this? I think the process in which I get the games is intriguing… I bought a… well, I’m not really sure what I bought. I paid 30 dollars for a 100kb file of… I’m unaware. It downloaded and installed. It doesn’t show up in my folders. So… I guess I got a key that automatically downloads the game episodes once they are available. Neat. So why is the PS3 version 30 dollars as a pre-order, whereas the PC one is still 35? Well, I suppose that might have to do with the pre-order bonus they get… Let’s see… Entry into a private forum to speak with Steve Purcell (creator of Sam and Max) and other notable Telltale developers, a free episode of any other Telltale adventure game (basically, that is your 5 dollars if you see no worth in the rest of the bonuses), and a preview area allowing for first looks at the episodes before release. Hmmm, yeah, I’m going to say the PC won this battle…

So what am I getting at with this post? Nothing really… I just wanted to waste your time. I think I’m going to start doing a tl;dr section for every post (not just mine, but everyone) in case people want to see what it’s about, but just don’t care about all the silly nonsense they bring up. We tend to go off topic… or I do at least. So, starting here, the first tl;dr section.


I paid 30 dollars for a service to download 5 episodes of a game that I’m not even sure I’ll enjoy. Do you like pissing away your money too?

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