Purchasing a Video Game? Or Paying to Perform QA Testing?

November 11th, 2009 -

As is the case with many large scale games released today, they are flawed. A few years ago, games were unable to be patched on home consoles and went through serious testing at the game studios. Today there are games such as Fallout 3, Borderlands, Modern Warfare 2… what could the cause of so many issues be?

It’s understandable that with online there is no way to see what the server issues will be until it is let out into the wild, and massive scale games are expected to have issues for the reason being that they’re open world. But could it also be the fact that companies want to save money on the production (or as the case may be, testing) of games? Think about it… not only do they make money off of the games they sell, but they also get a huge base of people to play the game and more or less test it. From this the bugs are reported, and issues are patched. Bugs used to be fixed by workers in the company; not to say they aren’t at all anymore. The job has gotten substantially tougher. But when it comes to large scale games, it’s hard not to think that the consumers are paying to do a job that should’ve been done prior to release. It’s called Quality Assurance for a reason… It would be awesome if companies decided to have a lower MSRP for the first week of sale; it would not only drive sales, but also give the “consumer testers” a break from high costs for a somewhat unfinished game. No company would do that for the sake of being seen as unprofessional, but who knows? People might jump at the chance to buy it at a subsidized price with a few bugs knowing it’ll be fixed soon. The flaw in it though is everyone buys it the first week and no one plays until it’s fixed… How do you feel about games being unfinished at release?

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