Personas of a Final Fate

February 14th, 2010 -

Alright, so with all the RPGs out this time of the year, and my sincere love of RPGs since I was 5 years old… I’m thinking it would be cool to have a section on the blog that was dedicated to them. The problem is, I’m at a loss for what would be best and most interesting for this type of thing… I have a few ideas bouncing in my head, but I’d love to hear feedback on what you want to see in the comments section. I’ll do my best to cater to everyone’s desires. RPGs I am playing currently are Star Ocean 4 and White Knight Chronicles, and coming soon will be Resonance of Fate and Final Fantasy XIII. I know pretty much everyone will be playing FFXIII, so there will probably be a podcast dedicated to it… but other than that particular game, would you like a compare/contrast type of post, a step by step summary, a review, a critique of the game…? Let me know so I can start this new feature up!  

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