I Heard You Like Nerdy Christmas Music…

October 22nd, 2010 -

Sure, it’s a bit early for Christmas still… Halloween hasn’t even happened yet, after all. And that’s when the Christmas music starts playing non-stop on the radio. 55 days of nothing but seasonal music. All the same songs, sometimes parodies of songs, sometimes just new versions… it’s rare that actual new Christmas music appears (unless you’re a fan of TSO, but even they do traditional songs). Well, have you ever wanted something a bit more… nerdy? Game related, perhaps?

Look no further, because Square Enix’s Masashi Hamauzu has got the “Chocobo’s Happy Christmas” for all of you that enjoy video game music that encompasses games from the Final Fantasy and Mana series, with others on the way. It’s a ways out before a release… November 24th is when you can listen, to be exact. But to catch your fancy, here’s a couple of the samples from the site.



Do you think you’ll be picking this CD up? Or do you see this as pointless and a way to whore out things you love for more money?

  • Heck yeah, Christmas music that doesn't make people want to kill themselves.

    Comment by Kashmyr on October 23, 2010

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