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July 23rd, 2010 -

What exactly are these programs? Well, if you’ve been on the internet in the past ten years, you’ve probably stumbled across a chat room of some sort. Think of that, but with avatars you can customize to how you want. IMVU, if you’ve ever used it. Now what did you see on those chat rooms? Probably a lot of guys hitting on girls that they’d never have a chance of being with. That is present here as well. Will you ever meet them? Yeah, probably not. So what’s the point of “Hey sexy, want to chat privately?” “Want me to lick you out?” etc…?

Guy: “Hey gurl, how old r u?”
Girl: “15, u?”
Guy: “Mmm, can I get at ur #?”
Girl: “Um…”
Guy: “I can send u nudz on here if u liek”
Girl: “What?” *Friend Request from Guy*

Hmm, yeah, as far as I can tell… she doesn’t want to do that. Oh, and why didn’t you say how old you were? I love watching these sorts of things and calling out how Home is the new home of pedophilia. The guys that actually get the girls to go on virtual dates with them are priceless, because they end up leaving them as soon as a girl avatar in a bathing suit walks by. People never react normally when you ask them a question of what they’re doing with the girls… why should they? IT’S THE INTERNET!! You aren’t talking to someone in real life, so you can do whatever you want and not fear the consequences. So… wouldn’t that apply to those girl avatars that are actually guys that you hit on? *shrugs* To each their own. Chris Hansen, you should come back to tv using these “social networks.”

“Y u hatin’ on meh fag? Ur gay.” Oh yes, thank you ever so much for declaring my sexual preference without ever speaking to me. You know, that isn’t an insult no matter how you look at it. It just makes you seem like an insensitive homophobic prick that is too insecure to have friends that are men. So instead of being a real man, you have to act all macho, call people gay, and proceed to tell your “friends” how gay I am along with all sorts of other prolific expletives that can’t be seen because you’re censored on Home. So when you lose your account because you were reported, don’t be such an ignorant dick about it, okay?

Let’s not forget about some of my favorite people – the ones that are too afraid to insult you on Home in fear of being ostracized by the people surrounding you.

Message from AC/DCfan8123, Subject: “Ur gay” Body: Blank. Hmmm… sure. You do realize that I’m not very good at keeping to myself when you go out of your way to message me on the PS3, right? So I send a nice message back.

“Dear AC/DCfan8123,

Are there really that many AC/DC fans on the network? That’s amazing. Did you know their lead singer had HIV and died in an alley by choking on his own vomit? Maybe you should insult people with something other than calling them ‘gay’.


Never got anything back. Too bad… I was looking forward to being called dumb. One of my favorite things about Home (as you may have noticed above) is the awful grammar/spelling. Especially when people attempt to insult me. “Ur dum, y r u talking 2 meh?” I’m sorry, what did you just say to me? “your dum” Um, I have a dum? What is a dum? Like the sucker? “*** you” Wait… what? Did you just say “ass you” to me? Wow… not only can you not spell, you don’t even know how to use profanity properly. I want to be just like you when I grow up.

There are a few people you’ll meet that are worthwhile (the one I met today was named SpiffehGirl), and they are why I’d suggest going on if you are bored and just want to talk to people. If you can manage to wade through all the trash (have fun with them, because there is almost nothing better than getting them all worked up and keeping cool) and find someone with a brain, having an honest conversation is refreshing. And aside from that… it’s a great way to get some shameless advertising for our blog out there!

Alright… I wrote this whole post once, and then it deleted as I was about to publish it. The anger you may sense in the writing was already there, although I think it was much better before. Also, if you listened to Episode 4 of the podcast, you hear me actually defend Home. No idea why I did it, but it’s my favorite part of the podcast. Please excuse any of the muddled sentence structure – I was not in a good mood when I had to rewrite this. Haha

Feel free to say your thoughts about it HERE.

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