Help Save Games in the Community

July 23rd, 2009 -

A message from The ECA:


Throughout the Presidential race and continuing into his Presidency, President Obama on numerous occasions has said “put the video games away.” As a gamer and a voter, we’re asking you to email President Obama to point out some of the ways that video games have empowered and educated you, as well as their power to build teamwork and make people healthier.

Write the President now, and tell him the real facts about our hobby.

We know video games can promote fitness. We know games can educate, because we’ve expereinced that first hand. Video games are also not solely consumption entertainment as we’re being challenged to create content for some of our favorite games. We’re a part of the new global choice for entertainment and the community it’s spawned.

We’re asking you to speak out now and put a positive face on our community. Make sure to let the President know what we experience every day. Take a moment and make your voice heard.


Brett Schenker, Online Advocacy Manager

Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA)

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