Don't Feed the Blob: You Might Fall Through Him

October 5th, 2009 -


I’m not sure how many are familiar with the game, but there is a remake coming out for the Wii this month titled A Boy and His Blob. The original title was released for the NES back in 1989, so this remake is somewhat of a 20th year anniversary release (seems they are remaking quite a few old games: TMNT: Turtles in Time, Cave Story, etc.). The game won awards (best in show at the 1989 CES and Parent’s Choice Award in 1990), yet only had one sequel come to fruition: The Rescue of Princess Blobette which appeared on the Game Boy in 1990. That’s not to say sequels weren’t being worked on; quite the contrary. The issue was Majesco never seemed to be doing well enough to actually finish them. WayForward Technologies are behind this remake, and might I say it is looking gorgeous. The advertisements even have this cheesy, anime, 80s feel to them… and that is something that makes me all fuzzy inside.

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What to expect in terms of gameplay, you ask? Well, it’s a platformer. So there are platforms in a scenic area on the screen you jump to, and you probably move to the right and beat levels… you know, the usual. What makes it stand apart? The art style, the way you play the game (using your blob, of course!), the overall feel that you get from it. Here’s a look at what the original looked like versus the new one that will be making it’s debut within the month. Obviously the art will look better after 20 years, but I love the hand painted look of this game. It brings me back to my childhood, kind of a Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland feel (skip to about 2:45 in the video for it to start)…

So as you know (from prior knowledge or from watching the video… or if you don’t know, you will in a second), you use the blob to solve “puzzles”. Games that rely on partners are often times rather frustrating, and I’m not saying this game looks perfect; in fact I can see how it will probably frustrate me once I get my hands on it… but being able to feed my blob jelly beans once again and have him transform is going to be so nostalgically amazing. I hope there are secret ones like in the original! Ketchup jelly beans… I’m not sure you’ll want to be around when I finally get to play it with how giddy I am just thinking of it. :o In any case, if you have a Wii and are looking for a game to pick up that is family friendly and fun, I highly recommend this purely based on the original from 20 years ago. We will have a review up in a few weeks. The next two weeks are (un)fortunately already taken up by Demon’s Souls and Uncharted 2 for me. But I’ll do my best to get one up ASAP!


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