2D Games Being Ressurected?

October 11th, 2009 -

It seems that that games have been getting the 2D treatment lately, and what is funny is how welcomed it is. What was once old is seemingly new again. And with the advances in what people can do in without strict graphical limitations, 2D is able to soar to heights no one imagined possible. Some look better than cartoons you can find on tv, and some even on par with the likes of Walt Disney or Miyazaki Hayao. So why now?

It may have something to do with developers running out of fresh ideas, and they revert to what has been done and think: “hey, remember that game? Remember how cool it was? Let’s remake it.” And not necessarily remake a game, but continue a series as Capcom is doing with Street Fighter. But Capcom also is responsible for Mega Man 9, the latest game in the series. And it was done in 2D… but NOT in modern graphics. Oh no, it got the NES treatment. How was it received? Well, pretty good from what I can tell… but then again, I’m not Sony with all the charts and percentages, so who knows?

Seeing the success of companies with 2D games in a three dimensional dominated game universe gives others hope, and where one succeeds, others follow. So I’m going to guess there will be quite a few new 2D games coming out, be they original IPs, remakes, or continuations… Hell, they could remake 3D games in 2D and sell it as digital content. They do it on the PC with flash games, so why not? If it’s fun and innovative enough, it’ll do well… Who doesn’t want to play a 2D top-down version of Fallout 3…?

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