Written Interview with Flip Industries

In August of 2012 we had an interview with the independent developer known as Flip Industries, who recently released an up-scaled remaster of Kid Icarus from the NES. Done in the style of the Super Nintendo, consider this a “what if” game. They have also created a Zelda themed mulitplayer game and a Flash emulator for the NES. We got a chance to talk with the founder of Flip about their Super Kid Icarus project.


Audio Interview with Jay Pavlina

In March of 2011, Jason sat down with the creator of Super Mario Bros cross over to discuss the production of the game, where Jay would like to take the game in the future and even further where he would like to take his company Exploding Rabbit. It was an incredible opportunity and definitely another FFoP moment to not be missed.


Written Interview with Jonathan Lavigne

In September of 2010 Jason had the opportunity to have a chat with a designer from Ubisoft who worked on the art for the Scott Pilgrim vs The World video game. To due time constraints on both sides, we were unable to have Mr. Lavigne on our podcast. However Jason made the best of the opportunity and provided us with a great written interview. This is definitely worth a read even if you haven’t played the Scotty P. video game.

Check it out HERE or click the image above.


Audio Interview with Team Meat

In July of 2010 the creators of award winning game Super Meat Boy graced our airwaves. We were joined by Edmund McMillens and Tommy Refenes to discuss the development of the game and a few life lessons were passed down. All and all it was a great experiences and a great FFoP moment not to be missed.

Check it out HERE or clicking the image above.