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April 1st, 2010 -

I am proud to see this day. When we started the blog, we never had any intentions of being the “big guys”, you know – with all those big new reveals. Yet things change, and it turns out we now have one of those big game reveals. Activision Blizzard has given us permission to tell you all about the new Call of Duty game coming this Fall.

That’s right, coming this Fall from Activision and TreyArch is Call of Duty: Prehistoric Times. This game takes place in… well, what else? Prehistoric times. In the game you play as Ug-Tohk, a warrior chieftain who is dethroned by his older brother. This is where the game starts, but what follows is said to be one of the most compelling single player experiences in the CoD franchise. The game boasts a wide array of weapons, most of which are melee based (ranging from simple sticks to full on clubs), which is a first for the series. We have been told that there will be projectile based weapons within the game, yet they are few and far between. Also, don’t be alarmed! Multiplayer has been confirmed for the game, but no additional details were given.

This announcement might come as a shock to CoD fans who, until now, have been kept in the dark about the setting of the next game. Moving the series this far into the past may also be indicative of the Infinity Ward scandal and subsequent lawsuit from them. They don’t want CoD in the present, and this may be Activision giving in. With that said we’ll have to wait until E3 to get more details on this game, so keep checking back for our continuing coverage of Call of Duty: Prehistoric Times coming Fall 2010!

Also as a final note: Happy 1st everyone!


LAWLS, our first April Fools post.

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