The Frustrations of God of War

March 28th, 2010 -

Now that God of War III is out and I’ve beaten it to death… literally to death, I felt it necessary to look back on a beloved franchise of mine and gripe about it. Specifically three key things; one for each of the games. Keep in mind this article does contain spoilers for the series.

God of War, the first game of the series, blew my freakin’ mind! I kid you not. When this game came out I was so happy to get my copy I nearly died. Now playing through the game was all fine and dandy, until I reached the Trial of Hades. When you reach the end you fight this big, and I mean big, Minotaur. I thought “This is gonna be so epic!!!” and boy was I wrong. “But Chris, I thought GoW was filled with awesomeness and stuff?” you say. Well it is, when the person playing is good at QTE’s. I did fine in the game up until this boss fight which makes you use the left analog stick to match the movement on screen, which I suck at even to this day. This is the single most frustrating memory I have of GoW. Yet, I got past it… eventually.

Next up we have God of War II. What’s more exciting than a sequel to one of my favorite games that I recently had played? It was awesome! I mean, you are now the God of War, Zeus tricks you into using a sword which drains all your powers, and then he tries to kill you. This is what sets the game in motion, and all of this is wrapped into one of the most unforgettable opening scenes I’ve ever played in a game. Now onto the frustrating part: the ending battle. This battle gives you a series of QTE’s in which you cannot fail. Fail one, go back to the beginning. DO NOT pass go, DO NOT collect 200 red orbs! That’s not even the worst part about it. The sequence was RANDOM! So the first few times I messed up I thought “Okay, I’ll just look at the prompts, memorize, and apply. Great!” Yeah, that didn’t work out so well. The stupidest thing about the scene is that it’s about 6 prompts. Anyway, I also managed to overcome that as well. See, I can grow as a gamer.

Now comes God of War III. YAY! This game was AMAZING! For a franchise to have 2 sequels that are better after than the previous game is no easy feat. Yet Sony Santa Monica did it. My hat off to them, but also I give them the middle finger. No wait, come back! I don’t mean in a bad way. I mean it in the “this game gave me a challenge even on easy” middle finger. So near the end of the game you go through a series of huge boxes with different challenges in them. These boxes are “The Labyrinth”. The last box you go through to find Pandora is a bitch! The box has waves of enemies to avoid as well as death spikes that shoot up from the bottom of the floor at any given moment! FUN TIMES! So I get past the set just fine. The box rotates and another group of enemies shows up. I’m into the fight and then I notice the spikes are gonna pop up on the entire floor. A moment to late and I was gone. This apparently cursed me. I spent the next 45 minutes trying to get passed this part. Kept dying on the second section, which was the last. Finally, as with all other challenges, I managed to get past it.

I guess this is just my way of venting the frustration of this series, but all in all they weren’t that bad. This is how a gamer grows. Hell, this is how life works! When you have a challenge, you just have to keep trying until you win. In a way, gaming has helped that sentiment in life. Not God of War in particular, but it had it’s impact. I sign off with a positive note. Don’t let these stories detour you from playing these games, or even playing them again. I’m replaying God of War again for the first time in 4 or so years. The game is kicking my butt, but I’m loving every second of it.

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