Notable Software: Week of 6/13 – 6/19

June 13th, 2010 -

Hello everyone, and welcome to another weekly edition of Notable Releases. This week I have something special to tell you about. How special you ask? Well… not that special, but it’s still pretty cool. I mean, it’s totally awesome and I’m on the fence about buying it. Really I am!

 -Wii/DS/Xbox 360/PS3/PSP/PC-
Yup that’s right, it’s Toy Story 3… The Game. ZOMG IT LOOKS MAZINGS! Ok, now that that’s out of my system, we can move on. This looks to be one of the best movie tie in games I’ve EVER seen. The game (from it’s previews) is shaping up to have a) an awesome story mode, b) good gameplay, and c) this really cool looking multiplayer mode called Toy Box Mode. If you haven’t heard/read anything about this game yet, go forth and do so under my bidding! MWAHAHAHA! The game comes out Tuesday, and looks to be an awesome experience for both Toy Story fans and Toy Story families.
Okay, I know what you’re thinking; reading is for chumps. Well, it might be if it wasn’t both fun and fundamental…. no… okay I’ll move on. 100 Classic Books hits the DS this coming Tuesday, but I don’t think this will detour anyone from buying that “Oh so precious” Kindle from Amazon. The only reason I really put this “game” on this week’s Notables is that it doesn’t have an ESRB rating. From the cover you can see that it “…does not require age classification”. My question is: These so called “classic” books might be controversial; don’t you think you should at least “classify” content? After all, that is what the ESRB does “best”.
  -Wii/DS/Xbox 360/PS3/PSP/PC-
Oh yeah! Did I tell you guys how AMAZING Toy Story 3 The Game is going to be? Yeah? Oh, well then… why aren’t you out pre-ordering that shit? It’s gonna rock!

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